While contracting and construction companies offer limited home restoration or improvement services, renovation companies have a vast range of services for residential and commercial purposes. Your property undergoes a lot of wear and tear throughout the year that needs timely maintenance. Responsible homeowners are always up for making their homes look beautiful and appealing. Whether you need to add an extra room for storage in your house or looking for office renovators, you can hire a reputable renovation company. Following are some of the many services you can get:

Home Repairs

Natural disasters or the damages that occur due to negligence need urgent fixing. Most people turn towards expensive damage restoration companies. The key to successful home repairs is identifying what needs to be fixed and deciding how best you can get the job done. This is exactly what you can get by hiring professionals for home repair in Durham, NC. From fixing a broken or leaky faucet to repair your doors and other fixtures, renovation contractors can handle it all.

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House Painting

Painting your house inside out is the best way to add new life and transforming it from bland to beautiful. When you are up for a house renovation project, you’ll panic about finding a nice painting company, while you can simply ask your contractor to arrange a team of painters for your project. Such companies and contractors directly work with painters and can help you with the service at a more affordable rate. There is no need to pay extra for your house painting in Durham when you can easily merge the task within your renovation’s to-do list.

New Construction

You’ll be amazed to know that remodeling companies now offer new construction services for residential and commercial clients. Now, whether you need to construct a new building or another story above your house, you can contact your trusted remodeling contractors. Such companies have skilled architects, laborers, designers, and contractors who coordinate with each other to make every project a success.


Remodeling agencies are a great place to get the service you need to make your new home a happy place. The right remodeling company will not just make your home look nice but will build long-term relationships with you. If you want to add to the current structure of your property to beautify it, remodeling companies are your go-to solution. 

Home Remodel

Changing color schemes, adding new themes, enlarging small bathrooms, or making your kitchen more functional are some of the basic remodels you can enjoy with expert remodelers. No matter if you are planning to upgrade your old house, renovate after a disaster, or do general maintenance, it requires extensive work. Only experienced contractors can deal with such projects.

Home Additions

When it comes to home additions, you want to make sure the services you choose provide you with utmost satisfaction. Trusting home renovation companies is the best you can do because they have the skill, people, and experience to do it. Some companies may specialize in a few services, but a little search can lead you to a top-notch company like Cortes Painting. They offer premium quality services.

Office Renovations

Upgrading and maintaining the look of your working space is as important as your home. The better your office will look, the more it will attract clients and provide a productive environment for your employees. Renovation companies usually provide commercial and office renovations as well. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing when you need to renovate your office without affecting your work. Companies like Cortes Painting will schedule the project according to your convenience.

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