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Apex is a small town in Wake County, NC, and is a suburb of Raleigh. Although the town has a small population, its liveliness and charm have earned it the nickname of “the peak of good living.” With multiple neighborhoods, the town is a hub of both affordable and luxurious living. 

Whether you live on the rural side or with the newer infrastructure, your home exteriors need proper maintenance. During the rainy seasons, the exterior paint coats get wiped off easily. You will also see cracks and flakes on your exterior walls, patios, and decks in humid and moist weather. That is when you need to search for exterior painting companies. Cortes Painting Inc. is your go-to solution for unmatched services. 

We have successfully completed hundreds of exterior painting project ranging from the rural neighborhood of Crockett’s Ridge to the luxury communities of Brookshire Manor. Call us, and we’ll make sure your exteriors look fresh and new!

What Is The Best Time To Paint House Exterior?

Exterior painting is different from interior painting. You cannot just pick up the brush and start painting when it has just rained. To get the perfect strokes and smooth results, the weather needs to cooperate with your efforts. 

The temperature in Apex can rise to 80 degrees in summers. Such weather can dry out the paint too soon and end up in cracks. If you are looking for the right time to search for professional exterior house painters in your area, early springs and early summers are a perfect time! 

Don’t worry about our exterior house painting costs because we offer free onsite estimates beforehand. Not only that, our residential & commercial exterior painters are skilled to give any house a complete makeover without giving you headaches. They’ll listen to you and work according to your requirements because your satisfaction is paramount!

Our Exterior Painting Services include:

  • Exterior home painting
  • Commercial exterior painting
  • Garage painting
  • Deck and composite
  • Wood, vinyl, and aluminum sidings
  • Railingst
  • Stucco
  • Patio

Preparation For Painting Your Exterior Walls

We promise to convert your house into the centerpiece of your neighborhood that everyone will envy. Our professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality results by following a detailed procedure; Prep, Prime, and Paint.

  • We’ll remove the dirt and debris
  • Power wash the exterior walls
  • Remove mold and mildew 
  • Cover the trees, furniture, and plants
  • Repair any cracks and holes in the wall

Once the walls are ready, we will use the best quality primer coat to prepare the surface. We do not apply one coat after another without waiting for the first one to dry. This is why our painted walls are the smoothest. 

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We’ll Help You With The Colors

The most difficult part of exterior home painting is to choose the right color. Unlike other service providers, our exterior painters will sit with you and help you out with that. Whether you need lighter tones to merge with the landscape or need brighter accents for your Victorian-style home, we have color palettes for everyone.

Feel free to call us at 919-730-5654, and we’ll make your house stand out with our detailed painting services in Apex.

Exterior Home Painting

Cortes Painting takes pride in its many successful Exterior Home Painting projects throughout the years. We have attained customer satisfaction while making your home look beautiful, stunning, long lasting and the perfect match to your surroundings.

Work with our experienced exterior painters in Apex, NC to create the perfect home for you. Whether its repainting an old classic that needs a new coat of paint or selecting the perfect color palette for your new home. We have you covered in all angles

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To learn more about our Interior and exterior Painting services, call us at 919-730-5654 or request a quote by clicking below:


What Our Clients Say

Painting is a pretty tough job, so I decided to call the professionals - Cortes painting, of course 🙂 They are really great!

Hortencia H.

Fantastic painter and I would hire Cortes Painting Inc. again. They gave a very competitive price and did a great job painting the tall walls. The best thing about Cortes Painting Inc. is that they return calls and emails promptly, and discusses the details of the job in a way that makes sense so you know what you`re going to get.

David B.

I had a really positive experience with these painters. They were very professional all throughout the process from helping me choose the new colors and testing them to then doing the actual painting. Really good job!

Jerry F.

I have never thought that painting my house entirely, I mean both exterior and interior, can be accomplished by a single painting company. It was amazing to became a witness of the process. Cortes Painting Inc. is wonderful company with affordable prices. I highly recommend them especially if you are looking for professional painting services at decent price in Durham, NC. Keep up the good work guys.

Oliver M.

choose Cortes Painting Inc. for my painting project. They arrived on time and worked very fast and professional. Every painting contractor was polite and friendly. Definitely will call you again.

Jane S.

I found Cortes Painting Inc. 2 years ago. I needed just a small painting service, and they were very polite. Highly recommends these contractors.

A. King

I contacted Cortes Painting Inc. and they delivered me top quality painting services. They finished the job in 2 days and cleaned up everything. Highly recommends.

Mike R.

I called Cortes Painting Inc. to paint my house last year. Their team was very professional. They did a great job in very fast manner. Now my house looks best in the whole street. They cleaned everything after them. Definitely will call you again.

Kris A.